Parking on Pavements – what are your thoughts?

This is a copy of the email sent out to local disability groups – what are your thoughts?

Chair, Ian doesn’t want it to fail at this early stage any ideas how this can be taken forward? Please let us know.

Dear friends and colleagues

At the Council meeting on Wednesday 9th May, a proposal to ban parking on pavements was amended in such a way that the result was a decision to wait for central government to amend the Road Traffic Act. This could take a considerable time, the best estimate being 18 months at least but I am not that optimistic. We need action before then to make our pavements safer for disabled people, people with impairment, the elderly and those with children both in prams and buggies or ambulant but needing restraint.


I do not wish the initiative of banning pavement parking to be sidelined at this early stage and I feel positive that if our respective groups and organisations present a united campaign to the authorities both at local and county council level, our collective voice will be heard and action taken to stop this hazardous practice of pavement parking.


I will refrain from citing examples of    the dangers pavement parking presents because I am sure we all know and can appreciate the risk presented to a blind person or wheelchair user if they have to take to the road because a vehicle is blocking the pavement.


I do not have a definitive plan at the present time but I feel strongly that if enough of us lobby our councillors and MP we can develop a plan that will achieve the objective of the original proposal.


I hope I can count on your support for this campaign and would welcome any ideas we can use to emphasise how important this issue is.


Kind regards


Ian Westgate

Chair, Eastbourne Access Group