Chair, Ian meets Stephen Lloyd MP – see video clip

Our Chair, Ian recently met up with Stephen Lloyd MP to promote our 2018 edition of Eastbourne Guide for Disabled People and to share various issues and concerns the group are currently involved with to help disabled people in our community.

Changing Places toilet facility in the Arndale Centre which will not be available when the shopping mall closes in the evening leaving cinema / restaurant users limited toilet facilities. The Group have written to Cineworld and Bill Plumridge, Manager of the Arndale with our concerns. Apparently it will be up to the Cineworld and the restauranteurs what toilet facilities they provide.

Langney Shopping Centre Toilets – The accessible toilet is only accessed from outside been told this will only be re-decorated as part of the re-development. The Ladies & Gents toilets are accessed via steep stairs is a nightmare for parents with children/prams/buggies they need to change?

Eastbourne Community toilet scheme – Inclusive Eastbourne started the scheme in 2015 we would like to see more businesses make their toilets available without having to make a purchase. Please get in touch if you know a business that would like to join.

Parking on pavements – The group would like to see this practice discontinued by way of a new bye law from either the borough or County Council.

Dropped Kerbs – The need to have a clear view to the right when crossing at a dropped kerb for wheelchair, scooter users and parents with babies and children in prams and buggies. So many dropped kerbs have parked cars, vans, lorries so close you have to go out into the road to see it is is clear to cross. This is so dangerous, there needs to be yellow lines to give a clear view especially on busy roads. One example is Prince William Parade, Langney Point.

Disabled Access Day 16 March 2019 – The group is working on plans to celebrate this day and is looking for the MP’s support and help.