BBC South East Today – media coverage

On Sunday morning members of the Eastbourne Access Group and Embrace met with Stephen Lloyd MP and BBC South East to support the relaunch of Eastbourne Access Group’s campaign “Sustainable Access for All”. This campaign is looking at how we can make danger hotspots like Prince William Parade safe for disabled people of Eastbourne.

The current arrangements mean that disabled people cannot see or be seen by oncoming traffic at the drop kerb location. The arrangements are not safe for disabled residents in wheelchairs, for people with visual impairments, parents with children buggies and prams.

Rebecca Whippy from Embrace said “I spoke to residents this morning that told me the dropped kerbs in the area and parking arrangements made it dangerous for those with lack of peripheral vision or that are wheelchair bound to cross the road.”

“I am delighted to be offering my support to this campaign Pro Bono and to be working with such a passionate group of individuals as Eastbourne Access Group. Watch out for the news piece on BBC South East at some point in the next few days and please support the campaign for a safer Eastbourne for our disabled community.”

Ian Westgate, Chair of Eastbourne Access Group said he is delighted to have the support of Embrace and their families.