Inclusive Eastbourne will be joining us in The Arndale

Inclusive Eastbourne are getting excited about Purple Tuesday on 13th November. They will be joining us and Shopmobility on a stand in The Arndale to promote and celebrate the day – UK’s first accessible shopping day.

They will be promoting Inclusive Eastbourne’s campaign for more Community Toilets: local surveys found that a main concern for all disabled people is the availability of a suitable toilet.  Worries about not finding a loo can itself deter people from coming out to shop.  We found that the way in which a business arranges and cares for their customer toilets reflects the ethos of the company more than just about any other feature, especially in coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.

See more about the Eastbourne Community Toilet Scheme: go to and to join or find out more contact

Inclusive Eastbourne can also help businesses be more inclusive and give advice and guidance.

Purple Tuesday website also has great resources for businesses