Could you be more Disability confident?

Following on from our event in The Arndale Centre for Purple Tuesday …

Could you be more Disability confident?

There are more than 12 million disabled people in the UK who have a combined spending power of £249 billion. This is often referred to as the ‘purple pound’. There are over 7m working-age people in the UK who have a disability or health condition, representing a vast and varied pool of talent that retailers could tap into.


British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA) promote the ‘Disability Confidence’ scheme that can benefit any retail business.  The retail sector is changing to meet new challenges and opportunities, such as emerging technologies and shifting customer demands.  Some basics don’t change though – great customer service remains key and people remain at the heart of achieving this.  Some businesses may they lack the confidence to employ disabled people. The Disability Confident scheme can help where employers are concerned about ‘doing or saying the wrong thing’ by giving them the skills and tools they need to successfully recruit and retain disabled people.

Other UK organizations such as the Business Disability Forum and We are purple seek to bring disabled people and businesses together. We are purple are behind the innovative ‘Purple Tuesday’ retail experience for businesses and disabled customers which took place for the first time on Tuesday 13 November 2018.

Business Disability Forum is a not-for-profit membership organisation that makes it easier and more rewarding to do business with and employ disabled people. By providing pragmatic support, sharing expertise, giving advice, providing training and facilitating networking opportunities, they help organisations become fully accessible to disabled customers and employees. Their ultimate aim is to transform the life chances – and experience – of disabled people as employees and consumers.

Eastbourne Access group, November 2018


Businesses please see the Purple Tuesday website for great resources